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Welcome to Complete Hydroponics

Complete Hydroponics nutrients stand for three things: Reliability, Quality, and Consistency. With the emergence and rapid rise of the hydroponics industry a lot of companies have sprouted over night and it is increasingly had to differentiate between the gimmicks and the real deal.

Complete Hydroponics spends an incredible amount of time and resources in Research & Development. Our products have been dwarfing the competition since day 1. Products like Roots XL, B Plus, Boost, and Complezym have no competition. Greater Reliability, Higher Quality, and Increased consistency for a better value.

Most Popular Products

PK 13/14 B Plus
Complete Hydroponics' PK 13/14
List Price: $30.00
Our Price: $24.99
Complete Hydroponics' B+
List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $39.99

Complete Hydroponics' Coco A
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $14.99
Hydroponic Enzyme Complex Boost, Flower, Resin, Essential Oils, THC
Complete Hydroponics' CompleZym
List Price: $45.00
Our Price: $39.99

Complete Hydroponics' Coco B
List Price: $20.00
Our Price: $14.99
Complete Hydroponics' Boost
List Price: $110.00
Our Price: $99.99
The Complete Hydroponics Retail Family

Complete Hydroponics associates itself only with those businesses that provide their customers with world-class products, knowledge, and service. Complete Hydroponics nutrient line is given as an exclusive to those businesses and business owners who are willing to put in the extra work and effort to become industry leaders. Only those who are willing to go the extra mile for their loyal customers, their business, and their industry partners have the privilege of hosting the Complete Hydroponics nutrient line in their shelves.

That being said - Complete Hydroponics is singularly dedicated to our exclusive retailers and our customers. We hold ourselves to the same level of service excellence that we expect from every business partner. We are solely dedicated to our retailers success and the bountiful harvests of our customers.

The Garden Spout is now selling Complete Hydroponics in Oregon!
4532 SE 63rd Ave
Portland, OR 97206

Customer Feedback

"You have got to get your hands on this stuff; goddamn - I've never seen plants grow so fast, and let me tell you I have seen a lot of plants being grown!" --> Albert @ Oasis Tampa

"I have done many side by sides in this store and in my house at my own expense and I have never seen something quite like this. The plants thrived at the first application." --> Donny @ Tru Bloomz

"I enjoy ordering from Complete Hydroponics because I know that I will not have to worry about back orders or none of that foolishness. I always get what I expect: excellent service." -->Alexis @ Tropical Gardens

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